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Despite the general progress on gender equality, at this pace it will take more than a century for women to become equal to men in Europe, says the EESC

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has urged the European Union and its Member States to put gender equality at the top of their political agenda amid concerns that recent attacks on women's rights in Europe might seriously compromise progress towards equality between men and women.

"Women: the largest disruptive force in business", Rick Zednik, Madi Sharma

Europe loses EUR 370 billion a year due to the gender employment gap. What's more, it is statistically proven that companies with more gender-diverse management boards produce better results. So, why might it take another 217 years to close the economic gender gap at global level, as estimated by the World Economic Forum? On 17 December, high-level speakers from the worlds of business, politics and NGOs came together with members of the Employers' Group to discuss how to leverage the immense potential that women could bring to the European economy.


It needs different and holistic approaches to address gender inequality, says the EESC

The digital gender gap is a consequence of discrimination against women, which already starts in early childhood, the EESC points out. In its exploratory opinion on the digital gender gap, drafted at the European Parliament's request, the EESC suggests a multi-level approach and calls for holistic policies addressing different sources of inequality.

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Sidste frist for indsendelse af bidrag: 6. september

Det Europæiske Økonomiske og Sociale Udvalg opfordrer civilsamfundsorganisationer og enkeltpersoner fra hele Den Europæiske Union til at søge om sin vigtige civilsamfundspris. I år vil prisen belønne initiativer, der har som formål at bekæmpe kønsstereotyper og fremme lige muligheder for kvinder og mænd og lige behandling af dem i alle aspekter af det økonomiske liv og samfundslivet.

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Det Europæiske Økonomiske og Sociale Udvalg (EØSU) har lanceret sin civilsamfundspris 2019. Dette års tema er Flere kvinder i samfundslivet og det økonomiske liv i Europa, og prisen vil belønne innovative initiativer og projekter, der har som formål at kæmpe for lige muligheder for kvinder og mænd og lige behandling af dem i alle aspekter af det økonomiske liv og samfundslivet.

Rewarding excellence in civil society initiatives

The first prize went to Women's Toponymy, Italy.
2nd prize: Polish Women's Strike, Poland; 3rd prize: Fairy Tales, Bulgaria; 4th prize: #mimmitkooda (Women Code), Finland; 5th prize: The Brussels Binder, Belgium.

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