European Gender Equality Week 2023

As in the previous year, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is supporting the initiative "European Gender Equality Week: 23-29 October 2023" organised by the European Parliament and chaired by the Vice-President Evelyn Regner. The EESC has planned a series of thematic debates integrated into the work of its sections to underpin the gender equality as a fundamental principle for social justice, economic development, and the overall well-being of society.

In parallel with the European Parliament, the EESC launched the “Together For Gender Equality Week and Beyond” initiative by holding a debate at the October plenary session with Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality, and Evelyn Regner, Vice President of the European Parliament.

The series of thematic debates organised by the EESC's sections are scheduled for November and December 2023 and touch upon the impact of the climate crisis on gender equality, violence against women and gender inequality in access to financial markets.

The EESC has consistently advocated for policies and initiatives that advance gender equality across all sectors. The Committee stresses that gender equality is not just a matter of justice, but also a key driver for economic growth and social progress. During this mandate, the EESC will renew its efforts to mainstream gender equality in all policy work and to encourage female leadership within its own ranks.

Together we can advance gender equality in Europe in all sectors!

Join our debates via web-streaming.


EESC Equality Group ensures implementation, monitors progress and where necessary, proposes adjustment measures. Recent opinions on the topic:

SOC/750 - Strengthening the role and independence of equality bodies

SOC/723 - Gender lens investing as a way to improve gender equality in the European Union

ECO/584 – Gender-based investments in national recovery and resilience plans

SOC/726 – Combating violence against women

SOC/731 – Gender Equality