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The European Economic and social Committee is organising the public debate "What future for the euro?  Threats and opportunities for stage 2 of deepening EMU". The aim of our public debate is to support the necessary consensus-building on an ambitious roadmap for completing EMU by 2025, as part of a global vision for the future of the European Union.

Economic policy, EU Budget, taxation, and sustainable finance in the European Union

In this public event organised on 5 February 2019 in Madrid, we are looking to kick-start a debate on the principle features of the European Union economy, its current state and governance, taking into account the present and perspectives for the future, as well as the economic policies related to macroeconomics, taxation and finance.

The Spanish economy will be discussed using a European perspective, framed by the economic situation and European policy.

Organized jointly by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the Representation of the European Commission in Spain, the intention is to create a dialogue between representatives of civil society, the Spanish government and academia.

between 12.00 and 14.00
Kwiecień 2015

Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC


Europe III - April 2015


The "Smart Cities" project is a follow-up to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) own-initiative opinion on Smart cities as a driver of a new European industrial policy, adopted in July 2015.

Within the framework of the project, a delegation of seven EESC members has carried out study visits to six EU cities that have successfully implemented smart project initiatives.

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Digitalisation is transforming business landscapes and the world of work, and redefining the boundaries of production, consumption and distribution. This has created tremendous opportunities, as new products, processes and techniques have emerged, but has also created threats, as new ways of employment pose new challenges to employers and employees. The overall consequences on labour markets are, however, still highly uncertain, which is reflected in the wide variation in the outcomes of the existing research.

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We need to join forces at EU level to better tackle the major challenges we face today and to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. Achieving these goals is not possible without research, development and innovation (RD & I).

RD & I is the real driver of growth and the key to creating employment and increasing competitiveness. Novel technologies and new solutions, products and services improve people’s well-being and quality of life.

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Październik 2013

Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC


Europe III - October 2013