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Lessons learned

The EESC presents measures to avoid the severity of austerity in the future and to mitigate the negative effects of previous crisis management

Future crisis management should strive for a better balance between fiscal and social objectives to avoid adverse effects on the economic capacities, labour markets and social protection systems of the countries concerned. Instead of restrictive austerity, the EU institutions should in future crisis situations implement policies in pursuit of economic cooperation, growth and solidarity.


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Le CESE a un rôle essentiel à jouer dans les consultations citoyennes proposées par le président français, car il y a une profonde cohérence entre l'action que mène le CESE au quotidien, permettant à la société civile de participer à l'évolution de l'Europe au plus haut niveau, et l'ambition que ces consultations citoyennes expriment. C'est ce qu'a affirmé la ministre des Affaires européennes, Nathalie Loiseau, lors de son intervention à la plénière du CESE à Bruxelles le 15 février.

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PR 2/2018

EKES popiera wniosek Komisji Europejskiej dotyczący długo oczekiwanej zmiany rozporządzenia w sprawie ochrony konkurencji w transporcie lotniczym. W opinii przyjętej na styczniowej sesji plenarnej EKES-u Komitet wzywa Parlament Europejski i Radę do niezwłocznego zatwierdzenia zmienionego rozporządzenia, aby skutecznie eliminować zakłócenia międzynarodowej konkurencji.

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PR 1/2018

The EESC urges the EU and its Member States to adopt a European-level cybersecurity model, to strengthen the mandate of the European cybersecurity agency and, lastly, to establish an effective European certification scheme for online services and products.

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More than a hundred civil society representatives from Union for the Mediterranean member countries met on 13 and 14 December in Madrid, Spain, to discuss the challenges facing the region. The 2017 Euromed Summit of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions focused on economic, social and cultural rights, social protection and a new generation of women's rights in the Mediterranean region.