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    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is this year exceptionally rewarding two sets of winners. Its Civil Society Prize will go both to projects trying to create a better future for young people, and to schemes lending support to Ukrainians affected by Russia's brutal invasion of their country

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    Are you ready for our annual YEYS! event, where students from all over Europe have their say on their active citizenship in a participatory democracy? If yes, join us!

    Your Europe, Your Say! (YEYS!) will run its 14th edition this year, returning to in-person format after three years. It is called "Youth Democracy Dialogues", and will take place between 23 and 24 March 2023.

  • European organised civil society and citizens have shown unprecedented solidarity with Ukrainian refugees, throwing open their homes, helping these refugees enter the labour market and quickly integrating Ukrainian children into European schools. The EU should now learn from this success story to help all refugees and migrants, the 2022 Forum said.

  • During its September plenary session, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an own-initiative opinion on the EU Youth Test. For years, young people have demanded that their voices be heard in decision-making processes. With this opinion, the EESC becomes the first EU body to support their call for a mechanism to assess the impact of future legislation on youth.

  • To secure a more prosperous future for their citizens, Western Balkan governments need to address the problems encountered by young people, who hold the key to such a future. Sufficient and transparent budget allocations for youth policy development and the inclusion of young people in the EU accession process are a prerequisite for facilitating positive changes and improving the situation of young people in the region.

  • The EESC held a public hearing in preparation for an own-initiative opinion on The EU Youth Test. The event provided an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other Member States that have already implemented similar youth test approaches, as well as to consider youth participation in the context of Europe's future.

  • On 29 June, the Civil Society Organisations' Group (Group III) held a webinar entitled Youth in the post-war reconstruction process. The webinar was organised in the context of the European Year of Youth 2022 and moderated by Group III Member Katrīna Leitāne, who is chairing the EESC coordination group for the European Year.

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    Създаването на по-добро бъдеще за младите хора и подпомагането на жертвите на войната в Украйна са двете теми на тазгодишната Награда на ЕИСК за гражданското общество

  • Although the majority of young people were not considered as the main risk group for COVID-19, they were among those who most strongly felt the consequences of the social and economic measures deployed to fight against the spread of the virus

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    Осем конкретни предложения бяха предадени на заместник-председателя на ЕК, отговарящ за ценностите и прозрачността, Вера Йоурова от ученици от средни училища от цяла Европа. Учениците участваха във виртуалната младежка проява „Твоята Европа, твоето мнение!“ (YEYS2022) под надслов „Истината за лъжите. Младите хора се противопоставят на дезинформацията“. Европейският икономически и социален комитет (ЕИСК) беше домакин на проявата, която се проведе на 31 март и 1 април 2022 г.