Policy assessment

Отделът „Прогнози, проучвания и оценка на политиките“ (FSA) допринася за подобряване на процеса на изготвяне на политики в ЕС чрез провеждане на дейности за прогнозиране, управление на програмата на ЕИСК за проучвания и координиране на приноса на ЕИСК за оценка на политиките и законодателството на ЕС.

През юли 2016 г. отделът стартира първите оценки на ЕИСК на политиките, които впоследствие бяха приети и публикувани под формата на информационни доклади. Отдел FSA разработва стратегии и методологични насоки за извършване на оценки на политиките в тясно сътрудничество с тематичните секции на ЕИСК.

От януари 2020 г. отдел FSA отговаря за прогнозирането и за програмата на ЕИСК за проучвания. Това ще консолидира участието на ЕИСК в основаното на факти разработване на политики на ЕС и ще засили ролята на ЕИСК в програмата за по-добро регулиране, включително предстоящата платформа „Готови за бъдещето“ (Fit for Future).


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Приети on 22/09/2021
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Evaluation of e-Cohesion 2014-2020:

The objective of the evaluation is to gather evidence on the implementation and performance of e-Cohesion systems for the operational programs funded by ERDF and Cohesion Fund during the programming period 2014-2020. Performance of e-Cohesion systems is understood primarily as: simplification, reduced administrative burden, and streamlined reporting and verification procedures for the four main types of users of such systems: i) beneficiaries, ii) managing authorities and intermediate bodies, iii) certifying authorities, iv) and audit authorities.

Information report: Evaluation of the implementation of e-Cohesion in Programmes financed by ERDF and Cohesion Fund 2014-2020

Приети on 27/04/2021
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The Commission is undertaking a series of evaluations of the Common Agricultural Policy for the timeframe 2014-2020, assessing performance against the CAP's general objectives. Since the evaluation targets CAP socioeconomic impacts, representing a wide-ranging scope, the EESC provided a complementary evaluation focusing on five countries whose selection has been made together with the Commission in order to maximise complementarity and added value to the EC evaluation.

Information report: Evaluation on the CAP's impact on territorial development of rural areas (Information report)

Приети on 27/04/2021
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The SUD can play a central role in the European Green Deal framework, being crucial to the Commission's Farm-to-Fork strategy for shifting to a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system, and complementary to both the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the Zero Pollution Strategy.

Information report: Evaluation on Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (Information report)

Приети on 30/10/2019
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The evaluation will take a broader perspective than the young farmers’ payments under the first pillar of the CAP and the measures for young farmers under Pillar II of the CAP.

Information report: Evaluation of the Impact of the CAP on Generational Renewal


Technical appendix - Evaluation of the Impact of the CAP on Generational Renewal

Приети on 17/07/2019
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In response to the Commission's request for civil society's contribution to the evaluation of the directive, the EESC has consulted CSOs in the Member States. The Committee's conclusions address the directive's transposition, scope, effectiveness and potential revision.

Information report: Evaluation of the Consumer Credit Directive