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Roma still remain the most underrepresented group on the labour market, with high numbers of unemployment. Due to the combination of various factors, such as poverty and deprivation, low levels of education and skills and discrimination in both education and employment, there are still serious structural barriers for Roma. Therefore they do not benefit from mainstream or targeted measures/initiatives. The Roma Platform is a high-level event that will provide an opportunity to discuss education and employment for Roma.

27/11/2017 28/11/2017

The European Economic and Social Committee is organising a public hearing on the Next EU youth strategy in the context of the EESC opinion SOC/589.

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For the fourth year running, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is offering an unique opportunity for secondary schools from across Europe to come to Brussels to debate, negotiate, stand up for their beliefs and try to find a consensus in a simulated plenary session.

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Февруари 2014

Bulletin d'information de Groupe III (en anglais)


Europe III février 2014

Април 2015

Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC


Europe III - April 2015