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Prijaté on 11/07/2018
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Women with disabilities constitute 16% of the total population of women in Europe, which means in the EU there are approximately 40 million women and girls with disabilities.
Women with disabilities face intersectional discrimination in all areas of life, including, socio-economic disadvantages, social isolation, violence against women, forced sterilisation and abortion, lack of access to community services, low-quality housing, institutionalisation, inadequate health care and denial of the opportunity to contribute and engage actively in society.


Stanovisko EHSV: The situation of women with disabilities (exploratory opinion requested by the European Parliament)

Prijaté on 21/01/2014
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Jan 21, 2014 Jan 22, 2014

Accessibility is not just a technical issue but a human right. The aim of this own-initiative opinion is to draw the attention of policy makers to the challenges and barriers that still exist for people with disabilities.

Accessibility as a human right

Prijaté on 19/09/2018
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The majority of road accidents are down to human error alone, so a comprehensive approach to road safety is needed. It should cover driver behaviour, the working conditions and skills of professional drivers, and infrastructure.

Stanovisko EHSV: Vehicle safety / protection of vulnerable road users