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The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has organised the second edition of a competition to design an innovative, sustainable and creative design product, including packaging, with a strong civil society message.

The European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry and CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media) joined forces to increasing the communication impact and enhancing European institutions involvement in sustainable design practices and innovation.

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Mr Santucci's pictures portray the masterpieces of Greek art, which are kept in several Italian museums and the Valley of the Temples. In this valley close to Agrigento, the master architects of Great Greece built a splendid example of their power to re-create the grandeur of Athens throughout the world. Their ideals of beauty, harmony and balance have moved generations and influenced contemporary artists such as the sculptor Igor Mitoraj, who has created an art installation of Greek masterpieces, placing them close to the valley's archaeological remains.

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This publication is part of a series of catalogues published in the context of the exhibitions organised by the EESC.

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Luca Jahier, EESC President

The subject of Culture is close to my heart– it is one of the four priorities of my presidency alongside peace, sustainable development and youth. These are the pillars of the new European Renaissance we must urgently strive for. Culture is not only a driver of economic growth and social cohesion, it has been one of the drivers of European identity for many centuries.