Het Europees platform voor de circulaire economie schakelt bij het ingaan van de tweede termijn een tandje bij

Tijdens een jaarlijkse conferentie die op 3 en 4 november volledig online werd gehouden, sprak het EESC zijn vastberadenheid uit om van het Europees platform voor de circulaire economie een echte hub te helpen maken waar collectieve inspanningen om in Europa een circulaire economie op te bouwen worden gebundeld.

EESC-voorzitter Christa Schweng opende het evenement samen met uitvoerend vicevoorzitter van de Commissie Frans Timmermans, en keek terug op de eerste drie jaar van het Europees stakeholdersplatform voor de circulaire economie dat als databank van goede praktijken en een discussieforum voor deskundigen fungeert. Vervolgens blikte ze vooruit op de mandaatsperiode die nu begint met het nieuwe EU-actieplan voor de circulaire economie..

"The past three years have shown that this is the way people want to work together," she said. "The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, your platform, is a great example of policy and practice working hand in hand.

"So please continue to share lessons learnt and inspiring examples, whether they are consumer products designed for circular behaviour, innovative ideas for decreasing and managing waste, jewellery designed from recycled material, governments' national circular strategies or schools preparing the next generation.

"If you look around, you will see that our joint transition has started, but we will need to do much more for the EU to truly lead the global transition towards a circular economy."

Ms Schweng stressed that the circular economy will be key for the success of the European Green Deal, the EU's flagship plan for the years to come. She pointed to the circular economy's proven record in job creation (around 4 million new jobs between 2012 and 2018), at a time when job cuts are everyone's concern, and to the need to support business in making the transition while grappling with the impact of COVID-19.

EESC vice-president for communication Cillian Lohan, one of the platform's initiators and a strong believer in its potential, opened the second day of the conference, stressing that cooperation has been and must continue to be at the heart of the project:

"From the outset, this platform has been all about collaboration," said MrLohan. "That history – though it's very recent history – is important to remember because the spirit of a collaborative project was set immediately: this was something that we were going to achieve together, rather than in conflict or competition with each other. And the platform has gone on to work in that spirit. 

"The circular economy is a transition that is achieved by everyone, in this collaborative manner, with stakeholders at the forefront of it. Today we are looking to take the circular economy forward with all of you in the driving seat."

Over 700 people participated in this two-day event, making it one of Twitter's top trending topics in Belgium.

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform is a joint EESC-European Commission initiative that aims to provide a "network of networks" to support a stakeholder-driven transition. A trailblazing project, it has served as a model for similar platforms in both the EU Member States and the USA.

The outcomes of the discussions at the conference will soon be made available on the platform's website. (dm)