EESC President


The president of EESC is responsible for the orderly conduct of the Committee's business. The president represents the EESC in relations with EU institutions, national and international bodies.

According to the Treaties, the Committee elects the president from its members for a term of two and a half years.

President Röpke was elected by the EESC on 26 April 2023.
During the inauguration ceremony President Röpke presented his political manifesto, which will guide his work and priorities for the 2023-2025 mandate.    


Oliver Röpke European Economic and Social Committee rue Belliard/Belliardstraat
99-101 1040 Brussels Belgium

Tel (secretariat): +32 (0)2 546 99 32
Email (secretariat)

Media Contact

For press and media inquiries, please contact the President's Spokesperson
For photos of the President, please consult the EESC Media Library