Youth on the move

EESC opinion: Youth on the move

Key points

The EESC recognises the utility of the Youth on the Move initiative as an integral part of the Europe 2020 measures, and welcomes the overall provisions set out in the communication. The EESC is ready to contribute to their implementation.

The objectives proposed by the Youth on the Move initiative should be monitored, and the progress of implementation should be measured using clear indicators.

The EESC stresses the importance of maintaining and increasing, wherever possible, the effective use of resources assigned at national and EU level to the education and training and employment of young people.

The EESC supports the creation of a quality framework for traineeships and the Youth Guarantee and welcomes the  initiative to enhance the validation of non-formal learning and increase the visibility of skills acquired outside the formal education system (such as through the European Skills Passport).

The EESC backs the Commission's efforts to identify the most effective ways of supporting youth employment. The initiative does not place sufficient emphasis on developing social capital and youth participation in European civil society.

The EESC welcomes the importance given to the use of the European Social Fund (ESF).

The EESC will look closely at the potential contribution of the European system of student loans in accordance with the possibilities and instruments already available.