Europe 2020 - Steering Committee

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The Europe 2020 Strategy is the current EU reform agenda for growth and jobs. Driven by a long-term vision, this overarching policy strategy was proposed by the European Commission, and then agreed by the European Council in June 2010.

It aims at helping Europe to recover from the crisis and to transform it into a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy with high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion and at reinforcing the EU as an actor in global governance.

Europe 2020 builds on lessons learned from the Lisbon Strategy, recognising its strengths (e.g. the right goals of growth and job creation), but addressing its weaknesses (e.g. lack of implementation). The current strategy pleas for a new kind of growth (smart, sustainable and inclusive), for a country-tailored approach and counts on stronger governance: better monitoring and enforcement, highest leadership of the European Council, etc.).

Europe 2020 mobilises all existing EU policies (Single market, external policy, etc.) instruments and laws, as well as financial and coordination instruments (Multiannual financial framework).