Report on the State of the Energy Union

EESC opinion: Report on the State of the Energy Union


Key points:

  • The EESC takes note of the Fourth Report on the State of the Energy Union (SEU), supports the objectives of the Energy Union and welcomes the emphasis on the engagement and mobilisation of EU society to take full ownership of the Energy Union.
  • The EESC is surprised by the European Commission's statement that "the Energy Union is a reality". The Energy Union may be a reality in terms of EU policy decisions, but it is not yet a reality in European citizens' daily life. The EESC calls on the European Commission to make further use of its powers, including legal powers, to ensure that EU energy law, including the 2020 energy-climate targets, are respected by Member States.
  • The EESC reiterates that Europe needs a "Social Pact for a Citizen-driven Energy Transition", to be agreed by the EU, Member States, regions, cities, social partners and organised civil society, in order to ensure that the transition leaves no one behind. It should become the sixth dimension of the Energy Union and cover all social aspects, including quality job creation, vocational training, consumers' education and training, social protection, specific plans for transition regions where jobs are lost, health and energy poverty. This initiative should be part of the European Pillar of Social Rights.