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Report on the State of the Energy Union

EESC opinion: Report on the State of the Energy Union

Composition of the study group

Administrator: Kristian KRIEGER

Assistant: Vicentzia NEAGU

Foreseen for the TEN Section meeting: 3 July 2019
Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session: 17-18 July 2019

Gist of the Commission document

The State of the Energy Union report is the annual stock-taking and progress reporting of the Commission against the Energy Union objectives. It normally consists of a large set of documents, including the core communication 'State of the Energy Union 2018'. The set of documents also forms an important part of the Energy Union's Governance activities.

The EESC has responded to the reports of the previous three years (TEN/580, TEN/626, TEN/657). It has now become a tradition that the European Commission asks the EESC to give an opinion that presents the unique perspective/comments of the EESC (as a body representing Europe's organized civil society) on the State of the Energy Union.

In this opinion, the EESC will also discuss the recently published report by the European Commission on Energy prices and costs in Europe (COM(2019) 1 final), another stock-taking exercise taking place every other year (and previously discussed in TEN/623).

This is an important opinion because the State of the Energy Union reports attract a lot of attention across Europe to energy policy and their implementation, rendering this opinion an important and a unique opportunity for the voice of civil society to be heard forcefully and regularly.