European Health Data Space

EESC opinion: European Health Data Space

Key points


  • deems it is crucial to use the opportunities brought by innovation and digitalisation to boost citizens' wellbeing and improve the quality of health services and points to the need to address different levels of digital literacy among EU Member States.
  • Believes that the European Health Data Space (EHDS) proposal presents an excellent opportunity to empower individuals to access and control their personal health data.
  • supports having a large-scale communication campaign to help build trust among the public. Citizens must be aware of the benefits associated with the sharing process.
  • considers that the EHDS will have a significant positive impact on fundamental rights as regards personal data protection and free movement.
  • calls for a reflection on the relevance of having a review of the absolute prohibition on the use of secondary data by insurers.
  • considered it preferable to stick to the European Commission's position, which is that the secondary use of electronic health data should be restricted to the sole, perfectly legitimate objectives of improving and conducting public health policies and research.
  • recommends a review of the absolute prohibition on the use of secondary data by insurers. Insurability should be encouraged through a better understanding of data evidence for research and innovation purposes in a sector that is not often recognised as such but is of major importance for consumers.
  • believes that the EHDS will benefit individuals, health professionals, healthcare providers, researchers, regulators and policy-makers, if, citizens and stakeholders are involved in the continuous investment in national health systems.
  • urges the Commission to consistently invest in cybersecurity systems, which can prevent huge problems in all Member States.