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Businesses face  problems in rural and remote areas promoting Continual Professional Development due to lack of engagement with educational institutions. One of the objectives of the hearing is to present relevant civil society proposals to help rural and remote areas address challenges in vocational education and training, while contributing to recommendations on how they can be tackled.


On Wednesday 25 March 2015, the Various Intersts' Group of the EESC held an extraordinary meeting in Riga, in the form of a large conference, to mark the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The Keynote addresses were given by Andris Piebalgs, Former EU Commissioner, Advisor to the President of Latvia on: "Economic growth and social progress in Latvia – the influence of the energy sector" and Sergejs Kruks, Professor of Riga Stradina University who will address the issue of "Latvian crisis management: social and communication aspects."

François Osete & Lazaros S. Lazarou, European Court of Auditors

"The Court examined whether the Leader approach has been implemented in ways that add value, while minimising the risks to sound financial management"


Hearing Leader 20.6.2011 - Mr Osete

apríl 2015

Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC


Europe III - April 2015