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The EESC organised on 13 April a public hearing with experts and civil society representatives on the EU's rural development programmes (RDPs).

The conference reviewed the strategic direction of the funds and evaluated their contribution to rejuvenating rural areas, in particular the most disadvantaged. The aim was to highlight good practice and draw attention to potential weaknesses of the programmes.

18/04/2015 19/04/2015
More Europe Locally – How to Increase Local Influence in the EU

 Following the first European Rural Parliament, the Croatian Rural Development Network (HMRR), with the support of the EESC, will organise in Baranja the 1st Croatian Rural Parliament

The event will gather representative of rural communities from all over the country  to discuss possibilities and prospects for development in Croatian rural areas  and to see how they can make an impact on the policies shaping their lives.






The first Cork Declaration, adopted on 9 November 1996, forthrightly requested "a fairer balance" of public spending and investments between rural and urban areas. In the new Cork 2.0 Declaration adopted on 6 September 2016, there is only one concrete proposal with the potential to have a meaningful impact: the so called "rural proofing" whose aim would be to "systematically review other macro and sectorial policies through a rural lens".