Implementation of better legislation – Effect of the Stoiber Report Better Regulation – from renewed emphasis to implementation

This report provides an overview of the evolution of the EU Better Regulation agenda over time, assessing the framework governing the main policy targets and implementation instruments, through the use of available literature and semi-structured interviews. It examines the objective of reducing administrative burdens, including the recommendations of the Stoiber report, with particular attention being paid to the implications for small- and medium sized enterprises - being the backbone of the EU economy – and especially micro-businesses, which make up 95% of total EU businesses. The report also focuses on the broader Better Regulation agenda, which aims to provide quality legislation which is able to achieve European (EU) policy goals with high legitimacy. Based on the findings, this report draws conclusions and recommendations for better implementation of the EU Better Regulation agenda and the role of the European Institutions and social partners in it.


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Implementation of better legislation – effect of the Stoiber Report. Better regulation – from renewed emphasis to implementation

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