Harmonised measurement of transport and logistics emissions

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Practical information

  • Composition of the Study Group
  • Administrator: Francesco Napolitano, Assistant: Maria Grazia Ruocco
  • TEN Section: 6 October 2023
  • EESC plenary: 25-26 October 2023



As part of European Green Deal, the Commission envisaged, under the heading 'Flagship 5 - pricing carbon and providing better incentives for users', a legislative initiative on an EU framework for harmonised measurement of transport and logistics emissions.

The initiative sets out a common framework to calculate and report transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. It can be applied by both the passenger and freight sector. Transparent information will allow service providers to monitor and reduce their emissions and improve the efficiency of their transport services, and will enable users to choose the most sustainable option.

The general objective of this initiative is to incentivise the reduction of emissions from transport and logistics and to contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance of transport. The specific objectives are:

  • providing a single EU framework for calculating GHG emissions data of transport operations/services in freight and passenger sectors;
  • making available reliable and comparable information on the GHG intensity of individual transport services;
  • and facilitating the uptake of GHG emissions accounting in business practice.

Due to the international outreach of transport and logistics, this initiative should give due consideration to the possibility to deliver a framework enabling further alignment on a global scale.