Konzerthaus Berlin

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For some years now, the Konzerthaus Berlin has been enriching its analogue offer with digital alternatives. In this way, it allows more people to participate, get involved and interact in a new way with its projects. The pandemic accelerated their digitalisation, and new projects were developed, such as an interactive VR composition tool, a free app for "augmented reality" and a funny web series with the Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin on the live gaming platform twitch. These projects allowed them to reach a new audience.

Interview with: Elena Kountidou, Head of Communications and Digital Mediation, Konzerthaus Berlin

All stock footage in these videos come from Artgrid.io and is limited to the use for this specific project. Extra footage and photos features in the videos have been provided by the organisations / persons interviewed to use freely for this specific project, or recorded by the video producers' team for this specific project. Music 'Aquarium – by Wolf-Samuels, Want to dance – by Maya Belsitzman, and Carmen (Bizet) – by Ohad Ben Ari' under license for usage for this project.