Cop 26 has just ended, but the work to combating climate change remains to be done!

We only have nine years to prevent irreversible damage, and we are the last generation who can do it! We need leadership, ambition and courage, but most of all we need action, and we need it now. Let's get on with the change we need to see!

Read the statement of Vice-president Cillian Lohan:

The Glasgow summit is a time for action. Yet again, we find ourselves calling for more action.
Addressing the challenges of the climate crisis will never be easy. There is no silver bullet, or magic technology that can suddenly bring us within safe planetary boundaries.
The impacts of climate change, for so long theoretical at least within Europe, were felt with devastating effect this year – forests on fire in Greece and Italy, flooding in Germany and Belgium and sadly a significant loss of human life.
On a global scale we can point to even more devastating impacts – happening now, fulfilling some of the worst predictive models on the impact of heating our planet.
We expect at COP for the phrase 'politically feasible' to be left outside the door, and for all participating countries to get behind a strong political will.
There are some elephants in the room to deal with – sectors that need urgent change, and need the adequate supports to achieve that change. All action needs to be underpinned by the principles of Climate Justice – a range of fair and just solutions for all.
And subsidies – subsidies in the form of public money to fossil fuel production and consumption need urgent action. We need to dramatically shift subsidies to support the things we want more of – that is low carbon, zero carbon solutions, a society and an economy that is powered by clean renewable energy.

We need leadership, we need ambition, we need courage – but most of all we need action, and we need it now – solving this crisis is never going to be easier or more affordable that it is today, so let's stop the delays, let's stop the procrastination, and let's get on with the change we need to see.

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