What competitiveness will look like in the new European growth model

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Emmanuel Macron introduced the French presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) by launching the idea of ​​a new growth model. This new model should make it possible to create employment, reconcile economic development and climate ambition, respond to digital challenges and rely on a redesigned European financial framework. The 27 Heads of State meet on March 10 and 11 to develop this new model of production, solidarity and regulation.

But how do we achieve a Europe that reconciles the paradox between growth and prosperity on the one hand, and a sustainable future for our planet on the other? How can we guarantee the competitiveness of our companies in this just transition?

The conference "What competitiveness will look like in the new European growth model" organised by the Employers' Group on March 15, 2022  will try to answer these questions thanks to the various speakers, experts and professionals who share their experiences.


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