Leading the Way

Visual of conference "Leading the Way. A Competitiveness Agenda for a Stronger Europe"

At a time of increasing geopolitical rivalry and the steady erosion of the multilateral rules-based trading system, EU’s competitiveness has taken centre stage in the EU agenda.

It must be recognised that the success of the EU can only be built on the foundation of thriving businesses. The EU must therefore step up its efforts to create a favourable environment for businesses to operate and thrive, ultimately creating jobs, growth and prosperity.

Against this backdrop, and in view of the next EU institutional cycle 2024-2029, the Employers' Group flagship event entitled "Leading the Way: A Competitiveness Agenda for a Stronger Europe" aims to raise awareness and stimulate discussion on the need for a comprehensive competitiveness agenda for the EU by providing a forum for dialogue between EU businesses and policymakers.


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