EESC youth delegate to COP

Scope and objectives

On 11 January 2023, from 11:00-12:00 CET, the EESC will hold a webinar on the "EESC youth delegate to COP: debrief and info session" to reflect on the EESC youth delegate's experiences before, during and after COP26 and COP27, and to explain the application and selection process for the new delegate.

Following the opening of the call for applications on 15 December 2022, this webinar will serve to offer answers to the questions potential candidates may have regarding the application and selection process. To provide participants with a clearer overview of the activities and responsibilities of the youth delegate, Sophia Wiegand (current EESC youth delegate) will share her experiences of the preparatory meetings of the EESC Ad Hoc Group on COP, COP 26 and the COP 27, recently held in Sharm El-Sheikh.

The webinar will also invite representatives from the YFJ, GCE and YOUNGO to present their views on youth engagement in the UNFCCC process and how this could be strengthened in the future. 

Context and background

For some years now, the EESC has been working on how to better include the voice of young people in the EU decision-making process in a structured and meaningful way. In this regard, and in collaboration with the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and Generation Climate Europe (GCE), one practical measure has been to include a youth delegate in the official EESC delegation to UNFCCC COP meetings, which holds observer status at such events. At COP26, the EESC for the first time included a youth delegate, serving a term of two years.

With the current EESC youth delegate, Sophia Wiegand, reaching the end of her two-year term, it is now time for the EESC, in collaboration with YFJ and GCE, to select the new delegate for the next two years and for the two upcoming COPs, with a term starting in March 2023.

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