EESC brandbook: future tender announcement


The Economic and Social Committee (EESC) would like to increase the consistency of its communication. To this end, it intends to update its graphical charter and develop clear communication guidelines.

Subject of the tender

The successful tenderer shall develop a digital brandbook for the EESC based on the brand archetype, values and mission which will be detailed in the Terms of Reference.

Final outputs

The contractor shall work in close cooperation with the EESC services and develop a comprehensive brandbook to establish a unified framework for the use of the EESC logo, colours, typography, colour palette, tone of voice, style, messaging, iconography, imagery, layout etc. The contractor shall adapt the above elements to the various communication channels and provide templates for online and offline communication tools.

Type of contract

Service contract. The duration of the execution of the tasks shall not exceed 12 months.

Indicative calendar

  1. Launching of the invitation to tender: 1st quarter 2024
  2. Deadline for submission of offers: 2-3 calendar weeks following the launching of the invitation to tender
  3. Contract award: 2nd quarter 2024

Contact: Send your expression of interest to participate to the following mail box (before the deadline mentioned below):

Deadline: 30/11/2023