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  • Speech given by Presidenty Luca JAHIER at the Group II (Workers) conference in Madrid on Thursday 12 February 2015 (in French).

    Speech by President Luca JAHIER
  • Speaker
    Henri Malosse, Président du CESE

    Presque 90 millions de tonnes de nourriture sont gaspillées chaque année en Europe et près d'un tiers de la nourriture produite pour la consommation humaine est perdue ou gaspillée à l'échelle mondiale...

  • Inaugural speech by President Jahier entitled: "From Austerity to Growth and Recovery: Overcoming the Socio-Economic Consequences of Greece's Crisis" delivered at the Group III extraordinary meeting in Athens, on Thursday 20 March 20104.

    Speech by Luca JAHIER
  • Speech by Luca JAHIER, Athens 20/03/2014

    Speech by Luca JAHIER
  • I deeply regret that the President of the Employers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee considered it advisable to publish immediately after the adoption by the plenary session of the opinion of the "European minimum income and poverty indicators "a "declaration and reaction "entitled "To address minimum income ? Yes, but at national level ".



    Pourquoi nous voulons un revenu minimum européen
  • The Workers' Group, which met in Vilnius on 1 July 2013, notes that the European Council appears to have decided henceforth to engage with the public in a debate that demonstrates awareness of the situation's severity in Europe.
  • Inaugural speech by President Jahier
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    Speech by Dr. Leonidas Makris
  • Conference organised by the Various Intersts Group of the EESC in Thessaloniki, Greece on 31 May 2013

    Speech by Juca JAHIER
  • Speaker
    Staffan Nilsson
    In my work programme as the President of the EESC, my goal is to consolidate the social dimension of the EU: improve employment conditions and promote social integration, fighting the poverty and exclusion that are afflicting vulnerable groups across all of Europe. A social Europe is a Europe with a society that combines economic growth with high living standards and good working conditions, or at least decent jobs and worthy living conditions for all. A social Europe is a society that cares about its most vulnerable.
    President Nilsson`s speech at the EPSCO meeting
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