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No 25/2022

The European Economic and Social Committee is calling on the European Commission to carry out more targeted impact assessments of its proposals for new EU budget funding sources to repay NextGenerationEU debt. The EESC generally agrees with the proposed EU "own resources" revenues for the budget. However, they need to be stable and fair – and should not burden households or businesses.

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The EU's full range of competition policy tools - merger, antitrust and State aid control rules - and even its most basic concepts, such as market share, relevant markets and level-playing field, should be overhauled to serve the Union's climate and digital ambitions and the goal of resilience, which will require massive investment. Two new EESC opinions explain how this overhaul should be done.

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The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) throws its support behind the Commission's "REPowerEU" initiative, stressing that energy security must be accompanied by urgent measures to protect vulnerable users, accelerate decarbonisation and diversify energy sources. Steps should also be taken to reduce demand for Russian gas which has brought about a significant increase in energy prices.

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To turn solidarity with Ukraine into concrete action, the EESC is joining the European Parliament's "civil society hub" initiative for Ukraine, allowing the NGO Promote Ukraine to use part of its premises at rue de Trèves 74, along with logistical equipment.

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Vidurinių mokyklų moksleiviai iš visos Europos už vertybes ir skaidrumą atsakingai pirmininko pavaduotojai Věrai Jourovái pateikė aštuonis konkrečius pasiūlymus. Moksleiviai dalyvavo virtualiame jaunimo renginyje „Tavo Europa, tavo balsas!“ (YEYS2022), kuris šiais metais pavadintas „Tiesa apie melą. Jaunimo kova su dezinformacija“. Šis renginys Europos ekonomikos ir socialinių reikalų komitete (EESRK) vyko 2022 m. kovo 31 d. – balandžio 1 d.

EESC 3 categories of EU organic awards
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This year – 2022 – the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will be co-organising the first-ever EU organic awards, together with the European Commission, European Committee of the Regions (CoR), COPA-COGECA and IFOAM Organics Europe, aimed at recognising excellence and rewarding the best and most innovative players in the EU organic value chain.