Information - investment products

EESC opinion: Information - investment products

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Key points: The EESC:

  • has been calling for measures to ensure that the mandatory information for retail investors is clear, exhaustive, essential and transparent, especially where packaged and structured products are concerned;
  • considers the Commission's proposal a step in the right direction;
  • agrees that information on possible profits, including any levies and commissions linked to the product, should be provided;
  • considers it essential that the supervisory activity of the relevant authorities, at both national and European level, be stepped up;
  • is seriously concerned at the Commission's view that the role of the European authorities under the current regulation does not require reinforcement;
  • urges rapid movement towards a single model of information leaflets instead of the current two;
  • regrets that no mention is made of the implications regarding third country products, and urges the Commission to think about the need to explicitly include such a provision in the regulation;
  • strongly urges the Commission to monitor the effectiveness of the sanctions that the Member States are to determine.

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