Capital Markets Union

EESC opinion: Capital Markets Union

Key points:

The Committee

  • supports the Green Paper on a Capital Markets Union;
  • wants conditions to be created for an efficient, modern financial services sector with appropriate regulations, which grants access to capital providers by companies seeking investment, especially SMEs and high growth companies;
  • sees the capital markets as pools of liquidity, where companies can raise funds and trade in financial instruments;
  • strongly supports the ultimate goal of the CMU – to overcome the current fragmentation of the markets thus enabling the listing of all types of companies;
  • stresses the need for measures that will also allow SMEs to benefit from it;
  • strongly recommends decisive and swift action to be taken in the following directions:
  • developing a secondary market;
  • devising a unified simplified standard for qualitative and quantitative requirements for listing SMEs on regulated markets for financial instruments;
  • introducing credit ratings according to a standardised transparent methodology;
  • accepting simplified standardised criteria (model) for registration on regulated markets;
  • updating and amalgamating the definitions of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the different items of EU legislation;
  • providing a definition of an emerging growth and high growth company and devoting special attention to the needs of such companies on the capital market;
  • encouraging the strengthening of the administrative capacity of national consumer protection bodies and financial regulation agencies;
  • highlights the importance of traditional banking for the stability of the financial system;
  • affirms that sustainable high quality securitisation calls for promoting basic structures with short intermediation chains.


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