Giulia Barbucci elected new EESC vice-president with responsibility for the budget

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An official of CGIL, she is a member of the Workers’ Group 

Giulia Barbucci, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee since 2015, has been elected vice-president by the plenary assembly. She is committed to ensuring moderate and transparent management of the budget. Her main priorities for action are gender equality and the protection of workers.

On 28 October 2020, the 329 EESC members, meeting in plenary, elected the three members of the presidency that will be at the helm of the Committee for two and a half years, until April 2023. They are: the president, Christa Schweng, the vice-president with responsibility for communication, Cillian Lohan, and the vice-president with responsibility for the budget, Giulia Barbucci.I am delighted to be part of a presidency that is two-thirds female, commented the Italian trade unionist in the wings of the plenary session. Gender equality is still an open issue within the EESC, the institutions and the European Union as a whole.

Giulia Barbucci has been working for CGIL, the largest Italian trade union, since 1989. At the present time of economic crisis, she considers it essential to maintain sound and transparent budget management, with one key priority: ensuring that the members can carry out their political work. Through the opinions they draft, the members bring the voice of citizens engaged in the worlds of work, business and non-governmental organisations to bear on the legislative and political decisions taken by the European institutions.

A career dedicated to the protection of workers

The core of Giulia Barbucci's work has always been devoted to the protection of workers, both women and men. In July 2020, she was in charge of the opinion on the Strategy for Gender Equality in the European Union, representing the Committee's contribution to the European Commission. In 2002, she participated in the negotiations on the European Framework Agreement on Telework, which would now merit a review in the light of the pandemic. During this health crisis, businesses have managed to get by, often without clear rules, Ms Barbucci explained. The impact of teleworking on people and households is now immense, however, and women are the first to bear the consequences, as their tasks also include care work. This is why it is essential to safeguard the right to disconnect.

Between Rome and Brussels

As the mother of two daughters, Giulia Barbucci divides her time between Rome and Brussels. She likes reading, going to the cinema and listening to music: At the moment, I really miss going to concerts.


The members for the EESC's new term of office will remain in their positions until 2025. They have been appointed by the Council of the European Union, after being nominated by their Member States and selected by the organisations to which they belong.

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