22nd meeting of the Europe 2020 Steering Committee (renewed for 2015-2018)

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The new composition of the Europe 2020 Steering Committee (SC) held its first meeting on 23 November 2015.


Mr Etele Baráth from Group III was elected the President of the SC and Ms Ellen Nygren, representing Group II, as Vice-President of the SC; the second Vice-President of the SC will be nominated in December 2015.

Mr Baráth delivered a presentation on 'Reviewing Europe 2020 Strategy'.

Mr Haag from the Secretariat General of the European Commission delivered a presentation on 'Launching the 2016 European Semester'.


During the meeting the SC discussed the revamped European Semester (COM 2015 600 final) and the draft work programme of the SC. The representative of the European Commission outlined core elements of the forthcoming Annual Growth Survey 2016.


The calendar of meetings for 2016 was as well adopted.


Presentation by EU 2020 president Mr Baráth


Presentation by Marcel Haag, European Commission

Work programme of the Bureau's ad-hoc group "Europe 2020 Steering Committee" for 2015-2018