EESC opinion: European drug policy

Key points


  • welcomes the proposals in the Commission communication, and agrees that there must be a balanced approach to effectively influencing supply and demand for drugs;
  • is disappointed that the Communication constitutes a step back compared to the previous balanced and consensus-based approach, with its one-sided emphasis on measures to reduce supply;
  • does not feel that a regulatory and criminal law approach suffices, and calls for the development of a new EU-level drug strategy;
  • supports further harmonisation of national measures to combat drug trafficking;
  • recommends developing and using an independent, scientifically based evaluation system on supply reduction measures;
  • feels that the section of the Communication on demand reduction is over-generalised and disproportionate;
  • believes that a comprehensive and coordinated policy on addiction to all psychoactive drugs, both "legal" and "illegal", is needed;
  • supports the work of the EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs.