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Εγκριθείσα on 24/01/2023
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Jan 24, 2023 Jan 25, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic is strongly affecting the Euro-Mediterranean region, creating new challenges and exacerbating pre-existing ones. The pandemic has highlighted fundamental weaknesses in institutions, economies and health systems. Civil society plays a key role in the reconstruction and resilience of the whole region.

Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: COVID-19: The role of civil society in the reconstruction and resilience of the Euro-Mediterranean region

Εγκριθείσα on 24/03/2021
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On 9 September 2020, the European Commission adopted its first annual Strategic Foresight Report, presenting Commission’s strategy to integrate strategic foresight into EU policy-making. Strategic foresight aims to identify emerging challenges and opportunities to better steer the European Union's strategic choices and to inform major policy initiatives. It will support the Commission in designing future-proof policies and legislation that serves both the current needs and longer-term aspirations of European citizens.


Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: Strategic foresight

Εγκριθείσα on 18/09/2020
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The EESC believes that the Communication on Tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond should be a strategic policy tool for rethinking the EU sustainable model of tourism and transport and calls for a comprehensive package of measures.


Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: Tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond

Εγκριθείσα on 18/09/2020
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Aviation is one of the sectors most badly affected by the Corona crisis and the EU Member States are willing to assist all economic sectors in the recovery process. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that global economic activities will regain pre-Corona levels in the near future. For this reason, the EESC calls upon the Commission to develop a comprehensive road map for the recovery of the entire European aviation sector; such an action plan should include dedicated resources to support all sub-sectors and their workforce.

Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: The future of EU air transport in and after the Corona crisis

Εγκριθείσα on 15/07/2020
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The unprecedented magnitude of the COVID crisis requires an unprecedented, long-term and unequivocal response. International trade is a vital tool to finance recovery ge get out of the crisis. In these efforts, the EU must stay true to its values and ensure the protection of businesses, workers and people, leaving no one behind. Recovery must be based on sustainability, and inclusive and green growth. Green Deal measures are therefore more relevant than ever.

Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: A post COVID-19 emergency: the design of a New Multilateral Matrix (own-initiative opinion)

Εγκριθείσα on 10/06/2020
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The EESC recommended rapid approval of the new regulation in view of the strong public health concerns about nanoparticles resulting from combustion processes and the high level of protection that can be achieved by implementing the proposed Stage V for NRMM engines.

Γνωμοδότηση της ΕΟΚΕ: Emissions and type-approval / Impact of COVID