EESC Youth Group

In September 2022, the EESC adopted the opinion The EU youth test, about the tool designed to strengthen youth participation and youth mainstreaming in policy-making, becoming the first EU institution committing to its implementation.

Following this, in July 2023 the EESC Bureau established an EESC Youth Group (ad hoc group on youth engagement at the EESC) and launched a pilot project for the implementation of the EU Youth Test in the opinion-making process.

The creation of this EESC Youth Group reflects the EESC’s continuous efforts to better integrate the voice of young Europeans in its work and in the EU decision-making process in a structured and meaningful way.

The EESC Youth Group is composed of members from the Employers' Group, the Workers' Group and the Civil Society organisations' Group, and works in close collaboration with youth representatives.

It has been mandated the following tasks:

  • Develop a methodology for the implementation of the EU Youth Test in the EESC's work.
  • Reflect on the best participatory mechanism to put in place to ensure that young people have the possibility to contribute to the work of the Committee and that there is space for dialogue between EESC members and external youth organisations.
  • Coordinate the EESC's youth related initiatives.
  • Strengthen the cooperation with external organisations.