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PR 2/2018

The EESC backs the European Commission's proposal on the long-awaited revision of the regulation on safeguarding competition in air transport. In an opinion adopted at the EESC January plenary session, the Committee urges the European Parliament and the Council to promptly approve the revised regulation in order to effectively address distortions in international competition.

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PR 1/2018

The EESC urges the EU and its Member States to adopt a European-level cybersecurity model, to strengthen the mandate of the European cybersecurity agency and, lastly, to establish an effective European certification scheme for online services and products.

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More than a hundred civil society representatives from Union for the Mediterranean member countries met on 13 and 14 December in Madrid, Spain, to discuss the challenges facing the region. The 2017 Euromed Summit of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions focused on economic, social and cultural rights, social protection and a new generation of women's rights in the Mediterranean region.   


The current framework does not lead to sustainable food systems, warns the EESC

The current EU framework does not suffice for a transition to more sustainable food systems. A comprehensive food policy is urgently needed in order to improve coherence across food-related policy areas, restore the value of food and ensure the effective implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) said at its plenary session on Wednesday.


The Europe 2020 Strategy is soon coming to an end at a time when Europe is facing major challenges. Civil society should provide contribution to the shaping of the new post-2020 participatory long term strategy, as well as to its governance and implementation, was the event's message. Key priority for the future strategy should be to respond more effectively to rising inequality, to create trust and confidence across Europe and to ensure a fair transition for all.