Free flow of non-personal data in the European Union

EESC opinion: Free flow of non-personal data in the European Union

Key points:

  • The Committee has already agreed that there is a need for a legislative initiative on the free flow of non-personal data, since this is a basic prerequisite for securing the objectives of the Digital Agenda and of achieving the Digital Single Market. The Commission's proposal on free flow of non-personal data in European Union represents one of the most important legal aspects of the future of European policy for developing the data economy and its repercussions on economic growth, scientific research, industry and services in general and public services in particular.
  • The EESC considers, however, that the proposal is rather overdue, over and above the fact that the limited nature of its scope of application, the fluidity and lack of assertiveness of the mechanisms laid down and, most of all, the lack of ambition and political will and determination are likely to undermine its objectives.
  • The EESC cannot endorse the current version of the document. The EESC is only willing to endorse this proposal if and insofar as the latter is amended in accordance with the suggestions outlined in this document and is clearly understood as a highest common standard acceptable to both Member States and stakeholders, but always viewed as a first step in the future development of more ambitious ways of securing genuinely free movement of non-personal data in the European Union's digital market. The EESC's endorsement is also on condition that these developments take due account of the international aspects of a global economy, of which this initiative should necessarily be a part.