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Przyjęte on 26/10/2011

In the framework of this opinion a hearing (Opportunities and challenges for a more competitive European woodworking and furniture sector) was organized in Praha, Czech Republic, on 9 June 2011.

Opportunities and challenges for a more competitive European woodworking and furniture sector

Przyjęte on 10/12/2014

In order to maximise the benefits offered by wood products in the carbon balance and to enhance the competitiveness of the European woodworking industry and its capacity to drive innovation, the European Economic and Social Committee has drawn up the following recommendations...


Contribution of the woodworking sector in the carbon balance

Przyjęte on 10/12/2014

The European packaging sector comprises five main sub-sectors. "Paper and board" (including paper bags and cartons) is the largest consumer packaging category with a~34% share of the total packaging market. "Rigid plastics" (tubs, pots and jars etc.) is the second-largest packaging category with a ~27% share and is one of the faster‑growing categories, forecast to grow above real GDP (~4% per year) until 2015.

Industrial changes in the European packaging sector


Infopack CCMI/122

Public Hearing

The EESC is preparing an opinion for the European authorities, which will assess the possible contribution of the European woodwork industry to increase economic well-being and reduce the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions. It will concern particularly the implementation of the recent EU legislation on accounting rules on emissions and removals of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from activities related to forestry. The EESC will adopt recommendations on how Member States can increase carbon storage by increasing the pool of harvested wood products. In order to exchange views on this topic with representatives of local civil society, the Committee will hold a hearing in Mestre, to which anyone interested can participate, subject to prior registration online. 


On 7 July 2015, in collaboration with the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), Group III hosted a seminar to discuss the current situation in trade and agri-food products following the Russian restrictions on food imports from the EU. Since Russia banned the import of agricultural goods from the EU the situation for food producers has been very critical and has impacted several European countries such as Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia which export more than half of their agri-food export to Russia.



Wood as a building material has been rediscovered by the building industry. It offers amazing possibilities for a sustainable growth and local employment in Europe. Advantages for human health and wood cultures are put forward while external demand from third countries is putting the European industry at risk.