European Consumer Agenda

EESC opinion: European Consumer Agenda

Key points


  • supports the agenda's set objectives but has concerns about its coordination with the "Consumer Programme" and the adequacy of the funding allocated to it, which appears to fall distinctly short of the stated intention;
  • welcomes the acknowledgment of the important role of consumer associations, which must be given the resources they need to carry out their tasks;
  • attaches particular importance to vulnerable categories of consumers and is therefore in favour of the agenda's proposed initiatives concerning financial inclusion and access to essential services;
  • stresses the importance of all measures concerning sustainable development (energy management, eco-design, ethical and ecological norms in production and distribution of goods);
  • believes that improving food safety is essential to ensuring product safety from the farm or the factory to the front door and will allow healthy and fair competition;
  • reiterates the need to ensure the independence of alternative dispute resolution systems vis-à-vis the litigants;
  • is in favour of introducing collective redress.

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