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  1. Composition of the Study Group
  2. Administrator / Assistant in charge: Sveto TRAJKOVSKI / Elisabete DIAS


The EU-UK Follow-up Committee (Committee) was set up in March 2021 for the purpose of maintaining and strengthening relations between EU and UK civil society organisations, as well as for pursuing any activities contributing to enhancing the relationship between the EU and the UK.

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In 2021 the European Commission announced the revision of the Council Directive 2011/64/EU on the excise rules for tobacco. In the inception impact assessment, the EC stated that there are areas of weakness and ambiguity in the current legal arrangements which give rise to market distortions, legal uncertainty and can also hinder the detection and prevention of fraud. The review will ensure that the rules remain fit for the purpose and improve the proper functioning of the internal market, and a high level of health protection. The policy changes focus on:

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The purpose of the opinion is to contribute to the further development of the foresight in the EU policy-making. The opinion will comment on the Commission's 2023 Annual foresight Report, which focused on the sustainability and people's wellbeing at the heart of Europe's Open Strategic Autonomy.

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The European Defence Investment Programme (EDIP) regulation will serve as the anchor for future joint development and procurement projects of high common interest to the security of the Member States and the Union.

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The European Green Deal sets a high ambition for a toxic-free environment leading to zero pollution. The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) adopted on 14 October 2020 outlines the Commission’s strategy for the sustainable and safe use of chemicals.

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