Accelerating renewables roll out

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Practical information

Composition of the study group   

Administrator : Giorgia BORDIGNON; Assistant:  Vicentzia NEAGU

Foreseen for the TEN Section meeting:  4 October 2022

Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session:  : 26-27 octobre 2022

Gist of the Commission document

The EESC is preparing an opinion on two Commission initiatives published on 18 May aiming at accelerating the rollout of renewables in the EU: a new Solar Energy Strategy (COM(2022) 221 final) and a Recommendation on permits for renewable energy and corporate power purchase agreements (C(2022) 3219 final).

The EU Solar Energy Strategy focuses on boosting the rollout of photovoltaic energy. As part of the REPowerEU plan, this strategy aims to bring online over 320 GW of solar photovoltaic newly installed by 2025, over twice today’s level, and almost 600 GW by 2030. These frontloaded additional capacities displace the consumption of 9 bcm of natural gas annually by 2027:

  • A European Solar Rooftops initiative: a gradual obligation to install solar rooftop panels in certain buildings, combined with renovations, while promoting self-consumption and energy communities
  • An EU Solar PV Industry Alliance for an innovative and resilient photovoltaic value chain in the EU

The Recommendation and guidance to Member States on permits for renewable energy and corporate power purchase agreements aims at speeding up permitting procedures for wind farms and solar panels: renewable energy becomes an overriding public interest, with ‘go to’ areas introduced at Member State level in zones with low environmental risk, and more regulatory incentives created for innovative technologies.