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Zylia is Polish company (Poznan) that is specialized in volumetric audio recording and post production. They found that, despite the hardship that the pandemic brought to the cultural sector, people working in the sector quickly learned to adapt to the situation also by learning more about new technologies. Zylia believes that times of crisis are a real test for all entrepreneurs to see if they are really creative. Live events that can be recreated in the virtual space will be the future, Zylia believes.

Interview with: Tomasz Zernicki, CEO, Zylia

All stock footage in these videos come from Artgrid.io and is limited to the use for this specific project. Extra footage and photos features in the videos have been provided by the organisations / persons interviewed to use freely for this specific project, or recorded by the video producers' team for this specific project. Music 'Dark Souls – by Ikolik' under license for usage for this project.