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09:30 Welcome address and introduction

  • Stefano Palmieri, President of the Section for Economic and Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion (ECO), European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

09:50 Economic aspects of strategic foresight – considerations in public authorities

  • Eamonn Noonan, European Parliamentary Research service (EPRS)
  • Fabiana Scapolo, Acting Head of Unit, Head Competence Centre on Foresight, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Duncan Cass-Beggs, Counsellor for Strategic Foresight, Strategic Foresight Unit, OECD
  • Andrej Stuchlik, Senior Policy Adviser, European Investment Bank (EIB)

         Q & A

11:30 Strategic foresight  for policy making by economic and social actors                  

  • Olivier Desbiey, Group Head of Foresight, AXA Insurance Group
  • Aída Ponce Del Castillo, Senior Researcher– Foresight, European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)
  • Ricardo Borges de Castro, Associate Director and Head of the Europe in the World Programme at the European Policy Centre (EPC)
  • François de Jouvenel, managing director, Futuribles International

Q & A

12:50 Summary and conclusions

  • Stefano Palmieri, President of the ECO Section, EESC

13:00 End of the event