Report on the SOC strategy 2010-2013

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At the beginning of the 2010-2013 term of office, the SOC section set out its priorities. These priorities were based on a number of internal as well as external pointers such as the president's programme and the Commission's work programme. The Europe 2020 strategy has played a particularly important role in the work of the SOC section, which has prepared opinions on three out of the seven Europe 2020 flagship initiatives and on many of the various spin-off policy initiatives. In total, the Committee has adopted 87 opinions emanating from the SOC section during this term of office. The Labour Market Observatory and permanent study group on 4 Integration and Immigration (IMI) have continued to bring added value to the work of the section, and specific coordination bodies were set up within the SOC section for all four European Years covered by this term of office. Some of the results achieved are presented in this leaflet, with a specific focus on consultative work (including exploratory and own-initiative opinions) and events organised by the Committee.


Leila Kurki
President of the SOC section






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Report on the SOC strategy 2010-2013