Measures to reduce child obesity

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Childhood obesity is a health problem with severe consequences for boys and girls, either due to the increased cardiovascular risk factors, the incidence of diabetes or the increased risk of developing up to 13 types of cancer. According to COSI (European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative) report, the prevalence of obesity in Europe was 13% in boys and 9% in girls. Added to these figures is that southern European countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Italy or Spain had even higher rates of obesity, with more than 40% of children being overweight.

The new European health Union must guarantee a healthy life in line with SDG 3, also developing community actions against obesity. This exploratory opinion will be an opportunity to follow up on the EESC work on sustainable food systems, address the causes of obesity as the social determinant of health and provide recommendations for promoting healthier and sustainable diets, healthy lifestyle habits and protection of vulnerable children to feed into the work of the Spanish presidency.