Follow up to inflation and energy measures and EU energy resilience for essential economic sectors

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Practical information

  • Composition of the study group
  • Administrator: Maja RADMAN, Assistant: Baiba SPUNDE
  • Foreseen for the TEN section meeting:  26 June 2023
  • Foreseen for the EESC plenary session:  12-13 July 2023



The current energy price crisis risks becoming a supply crisis for consumers. Energy is responsible for 40% of the current wave of inflation and companies face even more pressure on their financial viability.

The EU needs to address this challenge quickly. Aids and support from public institutions were mainly directed at vulnerable consumers and households. However, many companies, especially but not exclusively SMEs, face real difficulties in integrating current energy and fuel prices into their cost structure.

Analysis of the impact of energy costs on companies in key sectors will explore possible solutions to safeguard strategic sovereignty in Europe at affordable prices for consumers.