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In November the European Commission launched a public consultation on the right to family reunification of third-country nationals (Directive 2003/86/EC), to collect opinions on improving rules on family reunification at EU level and to provide factual information and data on the application of the Directive. The first part of consultation process involved the publication of a Green Paper inviting written responses by 1 March. A thematic analysis of the responses has been produced.

The public hearing is to be thought of as the oral part of the consultation, allowing for further discussion to complement the written element. It was agreed to conduct the public hearing as a part of the European Integration Forum, a platform for dialogue with civil society managed by the European Commission in co-operation with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

The public hearing will take the form of an extended forum, involving both members of the Forum who are experts on migrants' integration, as well as all those with an interest in family reunification who contributed in writing to the public consultation, including representatives of national governments.

The event will group questions from the Green Paper into four thematic panels. For each panel, speakers from Member States and NGOs were invited on the basis of their contribution/positions on the different topics, to ensure that each panel reflects the range of different views held by different stakeholder groups.


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Background paper - 7th Forum - family reunification