Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal

14:30 | Welcome and introduction by ECOLISE and EESC

14:40 | How to activate the potential of social change and community-led local ecological action within the European Green Deal

Moderation: Peter Schmidt, EESC

The political view from the perspective of the European Green Deal

The scientific view on transformative social innovation and the role of community-led initiatives in sustainability action

14:55 | Presentation of ECOLISE's policy positioning process of community-led initiatives towards the European Green Deal: 10 theses towards transformational community-led local development policies

Moderation: Peter Schmidt, EESC

15:05 | Delving deeper: Focus on 3 selected theses of the overall 10 theses, presentation of good practice examples

Moderation: Nina Klein, ECOLISE

  1. Ecodorp Boekel, project 'Sustainable housing and biodiversity': Ad Vlems, Ecodorp Boekel (NL)
  2. Public sector support for community-led initiatives, project 'Boost Eco-Citoyen': David Delsart, Transition Town France representative at the CTC (Collectif pour la Transition Citoyenne), ADEME (FR)
  3. Community Climate Coaches project & Communities 4 Climate Action: Davie Philip, Cultivate - The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative
  4. The bioregional approach: Isabel Carlisle, Bioregional Learning Center (UK)

15:35 | Discussion round with policy actors on the local implementation of the European Green Deal and the role of community-led initiatives

Moderation: Nina Klein, ECOLISE

16:05 | Interactive sessions in small break-out rooms (ZOOM, EN only)

Discussion of the grouped theses in each break-out room:

- SOCIETY: Citizen-led social innovations as catalysts for mitigating and adapting to the planetary crisis

- POLITICS: Participative democracy and multi-level governance as vehicle towards transformative policies and funds

- ECOLOGY: A good life within the planetary boundaries - Rethinking human-nature relationships

- ECONOMY: Moving towards a just economic system providing well-being for all

17:05 | Recommendations from the break-out rooms on the role of community-led initiatives and EU policies towards transformative systemic change

Moderation: Josep Puxeu Rocamora, EESC

  • By ECOLISE partners and EESC members

17:20 | Wrap-up and outlook

  • Conversation between ECOLISE Co-president, Mieke Elzenga, and EESC member, Josep Puxeu Rocamora, on the way forward

17:30 | Closing

Language regime: EN/FR/ES