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Приети on 10/06/2009
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Jun 10, 2009 Jun 11, 2009

EESC opinion: Quality and safety standards for human organs intended for transplantation

Приети on 03/05/2010
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Apr 28, 2010 Apr 29, 2010

Становище на ЕИСК: Solidarity in health: reducing health inequalities in the EU

Приети on 11/07/2013
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Jul 10, 2013 Jul 11, 2013

Following a heated debate, the European Economic and Social Committee adopted at its 10-11 July plenary session an opinion on the review of the tobacco directive proposed by the European Commission. In its opinion, the EESC argues that the changes proposed by the Commission will have serious consequences for jobs, the economy and tax revenues, thereby breaching other fundamental EU objectives such as full employment and restored growth. However, the European Economic and Social Committee is also fully aware of the risks that tobacco poses to public health.

Manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products