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Приети on 05/07/2017
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Jul 05, 2017 Jul 06, 2017

The EESC agrees with the compromise proposed by the Presidency which makes possible a swift ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty.

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Приети on 14/03/2018
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Mar 14, 2018 Mar 15, 2018

The EESC agrees with the Commission's objectives regarding the harmonisation of legal systems and the interpretation of the 2004 intellectual property rights enforcement directive (IPRED).

Intellectual property package

120 pages

This study examines the impact of cyber-related threats and challenges on corporate Europe and the degree of engagement of European businesses in tackling issues at stake. Although the new digitization era offers huge economic and social opportunities, it also changes the nature and magnitude of cyber risks and creates new vulnerabilities cyber attackers seek to exploit.

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